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No Ordinary Fish. No Ordinary Year.

Photo: Steve Martarano/Pacific Southwest Region US Fish and Wildlife Service

Salmon and People in a Changing World

The International Year of the Salmon is an initiative to inform and stimulate outreach and research that aspires to establish the conditions necessary to ensure the resilience of salmon and people throughout the Northern Hemisphere. We want to bring people together, share and develop knowledge, raise awareness and take action.

The extraordinary life histories of salmon in the Northern Hemisphere exposes them to many environmental and human-caused factors influencing their health and abundance. We want to raise awareness of what humans can do to ensure salmon and their habitats are conserved and restored.

Leaping salmon Shrewsbury Weir River Severn © Jason Dale_Photo from Samantha Watts Oct 2018
Photo: Jason Dale
Photo: Peter Westley

IYS Objectives:

  • Develop a better understanding of the factors driving salmon abundance and the challenges facing them;
  • Encourage scientists, decision-makers and the public to work towards solutions that overcome the challenges salmon face;
  • Support conservation and restoration strategies to help manage salmon in the face of climate change;
  • Enable collaboration among organizations and researchers in countries throughout the Northern Hemisphere;
  • Inspire and support a new generation of researchers and managers, and conservationists;
  • Help create a greater awareness of the ecological, social, cultural and economic value of salmon; and
  • Support research and conservation of salmon species and their environments throughout the Northern Hemisphere.

Although 2019 is the focal year of the International Year of the Salmon, outreach and research will continue through to 2022.

Photo: Jonny Armstrong

Establishing the Conditions for Resilience

The International Year of the Salmon is working towards the following vision: to ensure that salmon and people are resilient in a changing world. To deliver this we’re working to enable projects that will achieve the following outcomes that in total represent the conditions necessary for salmon and people to be resilient in the face of a changing climate:

Status of Salmon: The present status of salmon and their environments is understood.

Salmon in a Changing Salmosphere: The effects of natural environmental variability and human factors affecting salmon distribution and abundance are understood.

New Frontiers: New technologies, methods, ideas and approaches to salmon research are applied to salmon. In addition, research to fill gaps in poorly studied regions of the salmosphere.

Human Dimension: Communities, Indigenous Peoples, youth, harvesters, scientists and resource managers across the Northern Hemisphere share knowledge and collaborate in the development of new tools and approaches to restoring, managing and sustaining salmon.

Information Systems: Information systems that house and mobilize historic and current data about salmon and their environment are made freely available.

Outreach and Communication

Outreach, engagement and education are also key components of the International Year of the Salmon. This includes improving public and political awareness of:
  • salmon’s cultural, social and economic importance; and
  • the challenges salmon face from major environmental changes and human impacts.
We want people to understand the value of healthy salmon populations better and to ensure salmon and their habitats are conserved and restored amidst environmental change. To learn more about salmon look here for an event near you. See what projects are being undertaken and how you can sign up for salmon here.

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