Our impacts on salmon have reached a critical point – it’s time to build resilience for salmon and people.

Environmental change and human impacts across the Northern Hemisphere are placing salmon at risk. The International Year of the Salmon aims to bring people together to share and develop knowledge more effectively, raise awareness and take action.

2019 is the focal year of the IYS, with research and outreach continuing through to 2022. 

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Salmon Comeback

The goal of the “Salmon Comeback!” campaign is the return of the Atlantic salmon to the whole of the upper Rhine river basin.

Originally the

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Salmon in the Stour

Once an important waterway for our industrial heritage, parts of the Stour have become neglected and polluted. We’re improving access for people and enhancing the

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Our World Includes Salmon

Since the time of hunter-gatherers, salmon have been a vital resource to humans for food, economy and culture. Salmon also play a key role in aquatic ecosystems and act as indicators of the overall health of land, air, rivers and oceans on which we, and other fish and wildlife, depend.

Photo: Lisa Hupp/Alaska US Fish and Wildlife Service

Sharing our Knowledge and Experience

Many threats to salmon are shared across the Northern Hemisphere. To establish the conditions for the resilience of salmon and people, we want to collaborate at local to hemispheric scales. Through partnerships, the International Year of the Salmon will connect scientists, Indigenous Peoples, fishers, policy makers and resource managers to create an intense burst of outreach and research that will enhance the effectiveness of their efforts to conserve and protect salmon.

Photo: Steve Martarano | Pacific Southwest Region US Fish and Wildlife Service

Our Partners

Let’s Save Salmon Together

Human activities continue to impact salmon, with many stocks now at critical levels – but it’s not too late. It will take all of us – Indigenous Peoples, fishers, scientists, governments, concerned citizens – working together to increase understanding, create awareness, and take action.

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