Salmon & People

Photo: Sergey Prusov

A Centrepiece of Our Cultures and Livelihoods

Salmon migrations are one of nature’s greatest stories. For thousands of years, these remarkable fish have migrated thousands of kilometers from their home rivers to the oceans of the Northern Hemisphere and back, shaping the way people live along the way.

Photo: Bill Bryden

Photo: Michelle Walsh – Secwepemc community fishery lower Thompson – Secwepemc Fisheries Commission

Millennia of Connections

Over millennia, Indigenous and other local peoples developed livelihoods in harmony with the environment. Salmon form the foundation of culture and identity for many of these groups. A rich cultural history involving salmon in song, dance, art, customs and ceremonies evolved in many communities where salmon were sustainably managed as an important food and economic resource. Although ways of life have changed, cultural identities tied to salmon persist. Ensuring salmon remain and thrive enables established cultures to continue and provides opportunities for new relationships with the environment and salmon to develop.

Photo: Lisa Hupp/Alaska US Fish and Wildlife Service

A Vital Species Essential to You

Salmon are widely recognized as indicators of ecological health and the state of the environment. If salmon stocks are healthy then you know that the rivers and oceans are healthy too. A healthy environment provides multiple benefits to people. Salmon are not only a source of food but thriving salmon stocks support jobs for commercial and recreational fishers, as well as jobs in ecotourism, including hotels, restaurants and tackle shops, just to name a few. A healthy environment with abundant salmon also inspires many people to enjoy the outdoors. These diverse values further justify the importance of restoring and conserving salmon and their habitats.

You Can Make the Difference

Salmon provide us with recreation, livelihoods and community connection – they help us. Now, it’s our turn to help them. Everyone has a role to play and it’s time to get involved.

You Can Help Protect Our Salmon

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