Uninterrupted VR

Uninterrupted VR Exhibit

Delegates!  Be immersed in the journey of Pacific salmon as never before…

UninterruptedVR is an award-winning virtual reality experience making a special visit to the IYS Symposium on October 4th & 5th.  

This 24-minute cinematic spectacle follows the return journey of Pacific salmon underwater and upstream as it also inspires audiences to reflect on the intersection between cities and salmon. The incredible images are set to an original score and there is no narration. Please check out these sample video clips: https://uninterrupted.ca/about-show/videos/.

Media have called it “The hottest ticket in town” –  “One of the world’s top 20” and “The most amazing 24 minutes I’ve ever spent!”


Seats are free but they must be reserved in advance through a Google Form available at the link here.

These screenings are for delegates only and seating is limited – only 100 spots! Please arrive on time (or a little early) to allow for headset fitting – then enjoy a unique journey with your fellow delegates. Showings are for 10 or 20 people at each sitting, located in the conference foyer.