The President’s and the People’s Fish – The Cultural and Historical Importance of Atlantic Salmon in New England


In the Greater Atlantic Region of NOAA Fisheries, the IYS was launched on October 30, 2018 at the New England Aquarium. The event included an opening lecture by Catherine Schmitt and Madonna Soctomah. Catherine Schmitt is from Maine Sea Grant and is the author of The Presidential Salmon, a detailed history about wild Atlantic salmon in Maine. Catherine's book describes how from 1912–1992, the first recreationally caught Atlantic salmon from the Penobscot River was given to the President of the United States. Catherine highlighted Atlantic salmon, their importance to our cultures, and our efforts to restore them. Madonna Soctomah, Former Passamaquoddy Tribal Representative with the Maine State Legislature and St. Croix International Waterway Commissioner spoke about the cultural importance of Atlantic salmon to the Passamaquoddy Tribe.

Photo credit: Jennifer Goebel (NOAA)





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