Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum

Sergey Prusov


The Atlantic Salmon Ecosystems Forum (ASEF) began in 2002 and has been hosted by the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Project SHARE and other partners in Maine, USA every other year. The Forum focuses on research and management that improves our understanding of the ecosystem processes that influence riverine, estuarine, and marine habitats. This holistic approach enhances our understanding of multi-species interactions by generating novel insights into the multiplicity of factors affecting diadromous species survival, population dynamics, ecosystem structure and function from headwaters to the ocean. The Forum attracts a diverse audience interested in engaging in meaningful discussions pertaining to the past, present, and future of diadromous species science, management, conservation and restoration, with an emphasis on re-establishing lost biological, physical, and social connections between and among humans, habitats, and fish - salmon in particular. With the creation of the Atlantic Research Joint Venture (ASRJV), it was decided that the ASRJV would host this Forum in Canada in the off years from the US event. ASRJV will be hosting the Forum for the fist time in 2019 which coincides with the focal year for the International Year of the Salmon (IYS). The Forum will be one of the largest singular events in Canada to focus on salmon (Atlantic) and salmon science during the IYS Focal Year bringing together international, federal, provincial and academic researchers, students, NGOs, and Indigenous organizations to share information on, and discuss: "Salmon and People in a Changing World".




$80.00 CAD + accomodation and associated travel costs

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Hôtel Château Laurier, Place George V Ouest, Quebec City, Québec, Canada



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