Developing The Natural Aire


2019 is the start of an exciting journey for salmon in the River Aire. Our project, Developing the Natural Aire, will reconnect 60km of the river to allow their return to spawn in the headwaters.

As part of this we will be taking the message to public events within the Aire catchment highlighting both the importance of the return of the salmon and linking to topical messages about reducing pollution and how we correctly dispose of plastics and wet wipes outside of the sewage system. NASCO’s funding will allow us to develop a giant board game charting the return of salmon to our river. Fish passes or "fish ladders" will speed them onward to their spawning grounds near Skipton whilst pollution "slicks" and habitat degradation will stop or push them backwards. Elements of the activity will focus on changes that everyone can make to help the salmon through the river. The game will be designed to encourage family participation but also to kick-start greater community awareness and responsibility.


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The overall objective of the ReBorn-LIFE project is to accomplish and assure long-term sustainability of good water status and good conservation status for targeted species

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