IYS Small Grants Application: NASCO supports updating of the salmon presentation “The return of the salmon”


Over the years, the presentation “The return of the salmon” has already been distributed to more than 10.000 schools in the northern part of Germany. “The Return of the Salmon” is intended to provide a source of information for teachers as well as otherwise interested persons. The presentation is divided into five topic blocks; these can be read in the given sequence, or as stand-alone articles that can be studied individually.

We plan to renew and update the presentation “The Return of the Salmon”. We think that several problems concerning salmon and salmon rivers should be described more generally. Up to now, there are about 100 pages in the presentation with a primary focus on the river Rhine.
To broaden the scope, our idea is to add about 10 new pages on the following subjects:

- water power station - history of industrial development
- problems caused by sea lice
- the different actions to fight sea lice
- diseases and parasites salmon are exposed to
- management of adult animal stocks for use in artificial breeding especially in our hatchery
- the text about genetically modified salmon has to be updated
- an entire page will be entitled to the NASCO - aims, work, successes and problems, etc.
The internet-version of the current version you can be found here: https://www.lachsverein.de/info-cd-the-return-of-the-salmon/ /> We expect the publication of the updated version to produce immediate feedback and to lead to a further sensitised view on the necessities of migration fish in general. This is especially due to the activities surrounding the IYS, as the focus on these topics is much higher.

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