A Home Fit For A King


In this International Year of the Salmon I wanted to set up a project that would appeal to Anglers and Non Anglers alike.

The Atlantic Salmon is called the King of Fish, and so my project is called 'A Home Fit For A King'. It is taking place on the River Faughan in Northern Ireland. I am a Director of River Faughan Anglers Ltd, which controls and manages the entire length of the river. I am also a team member of Loop Ireland, a local tackle company.

I have fished the river for over 30 years and have seen this problem get worse and worse as the years passes by.  I feel a social and moral obligation to play a active role in having 'A Home Fit for a King'. With 2019 being the Year of the Salmon on us I felt that action is needed to rectify this problem, people power for me is the only way forward!!

We have a serious rubbish and plastic waste problem on our riverbanks and I feel I have a responsibility to do something about it.
I have been a salmon angler for over 30 years and I feel a need to address this issue on my local river and through the power of social media spread the word to get more people involved.

On my first day out, I intentionally went by myself to show the impact that one person could have. For part 2, I increased my numbers not dramatically but enough to show what a number of people working together could achieve. To date I have only made 2 trips to the river and we were due to go out today again but the weather was bad with snow and ice. This trip had 13 people involved including more kids and non anglers. There is still much more to accomplish, but we plan to continue our work. This project is projected to take more than just one year, we will work until salmon have a 'Home Fit For a King'. We are due to head out again in two weeks.

I believe this work will take 3 years to complete as winter time is the best time to carry this out due to the fact that bushes, grass, etc. have all died back at this time of year.

I want the river to be as pristine a possible.

This is a new project and more details can be found on my Facebook (https://bit.ly/2t2Eyzn). I have posted this on my own page also River Faughan Anglers and also the tackle company Loop's Facebook page called Loop Aktiv.

I feel that i must give something back to help a river that has given me so much joy over the last 30 plus years.

My hope also is that other anglers in other rivers would feel inspired to take action in their home waters.


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