River Almond Fish Barrier Easements – Howden Bridge Weir, Livingston


Works to build a rock ramp in front of Howden Bridge Weir on River Almond in Livingston, West Lothian. Part of the RiverLife: Almond & Avon Project, this is the 5th highest weir on the river impacting on salmonid and other species within the catchment, to be adapted to provide greater opportunity for fish to migrate upstream to spawning grounds. The river, once extensively used to power mills in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, has 8 major redundant in-stream structures which are being improved. The work will benefit Atlantic salmon, sea and brown trout, eels, and lampreys and support the wildlife in the river. The improvements will benefit the local community for recreation use and raise the importance of the local river. Works due to complete in March 2019.


Salmon in a changing salmosphere



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