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Urban Salmon is the first documented photography project featuring salmonids in the urban environment. Fish will be documented in their natural habitat in various Metropolitan Vancouver watersheds over two years and a coffee table book will be published featuring the images. An image/video-bank will also be donated to stream-keeper groups related to salmon conservation, which will be available for use in their education programs.

-Document Salmonids in the Urban Environment.
-Emphasize the importance of the Urban Streams.
-Create awareness of the importance of a peaceful existence with wildlife and Salmon.
-Publish a book portraying the Urban Salmonids.
-Generate high-quality material for educational purposes.

-Since September 2016 the project visited 25 urban creeks in Vancouver, produced more than 150 finalized images and over 12hours of
video footage.
-Since mid-2016 the project runs a monthly Salmon Newsletter that is sent to approximately 500 experts in the field.
-Media has embraced the project, resulting in 12 published pieces related to Salmon, conservation and Urban Streams in British

-The book is almost ready will be launched in February 2019. Once the 2018 Salmon run finishes, the manuscript will be sent to printing.
- Pre-sales will open on December 15th, 2018 and there will be 30 days online Crowdfunding campaign on Kickstart.com.
-The manuscript will be sent to print on December 15th, 2018.
-Patagonia will host a small show and a silent auction in their shop on Jan 15th, 2019.
-Book will be ready by the first week of February 2018 and available in the major book dealers by May 2019.

Author & Partners
Fernando Lessa (1984, Brazilian) is an Outdoor Storyteller. With a degree in Biology and a Masters in Photography, Fernando has collaborated with many clients in the search for unique images, and more recently as a writer, publishing two articles in the National Geographic Brazil website. Fernando has been a certified diver since 2004 and a fly fisherman for his whole like. He began his career as a photographic assistant in 2007, before becoming a full-time outdoor photographer in 2013. With much experience in the field, Fernando has worked in a variety of areas, from the untouched Amazon forest to Tropical and Temperate Rainforests in South and North America. In Canada, Fernando runs the Urban Salmon Project since 2016 and collaborate with Brands, Conservancies and Governmental agencies dedicated to the protect the environment. The Urban Salmon is proud to have PATAGONIA and The Rivers Institute as official partners of the Project.


Salmon in a changing salmosphere



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