Salmon in the Schools Yukon


Salmon are a crucial part of our boreal ecosystem and are inextricably connected to our
lives. We need to continue deepening and rebuilding meaningful, personal connections
to salmon for Yukoners. By working with young people, we have the opportunity to use
stories, experiential activities, games, arts and other evocative means to communicate the
message that salmon are an incredibly important part of our water and land. A focus on
sensory and tactile experiences will increase connection to and retention of the material

The following lessons and activities aim to foster a deep sense of understanding about
how salmon relate to our lives, and to the lives of the people and organisms around
them. A focus on First Nations perspectives and practices (past and present) should allow
students to connect with a variety of perspectives on salmon through first-hand accounts,
experiential activities and innovative projects.

The Stream to Sea project that exists in school across the Yukon gives student and
teachers the opportunity to raise salmon eggs in their school and eventually release them
in the spring to help with stock restoration. This curriculum may help to complement and
enhance this ongoing Yukon program.


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