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The relationships between salmon and people have been broken throughout much of the world but remain intact in Alaska, largely due to a long tradition of stewardship. However, the sustainability of the healthy relationship between salmon and people is threatened by issues such as changes in salmon size and abundance, inequitable access to salmon fisheries and other social shifts.

The State of Alaska’s Salmon and People (SASAP) project aims to make available and accessible the information needed to continue and strengthen Alaska’s legacy of science-based management of Alaska’s salmon.

On July 30, 2019, we announce the launching of the website! This important new platform for promoting salmon literacy and public engagement features regional and thematic summaries of salmon knowledge gathered SASAP working groups. Quick links to NCEAS' massive Salmon Data Portal support access by non-technical users to the extensive sets of raw data that underpin SASAP's work.

Image credit: Bob Waldrop, Redtop Images


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