Summer Salmon Research Cruise in the Central Bering Sea


The Bering Sea is an important summer feeding habitat for Japanese chum salmon and other salmon stocks such as pink, sockeye, and Chinook salmon. To investigate the abundance of Pacific salmon and their habitat environments in the central Bering Sea, a summer high-seas research cruise is conducted annually using the research vessel Hokko maru, which belongs to the Hokkaido National Fisheries Research Institute, FRA. In this summer, the Hokko maru is scheduled to depart from Kushiro, eastern Hokkaido on July 17 and return to Kushiro on August 9, 2019. Surface trawls will be conducted at 17 stations in the central Bering Sea to estimate stock-specific abundance of Pacific salmon including Japanese chum salmon. In addition, hook-and-line fishing is conducted for tagging experiments with data loggers. Other research activities include the collection of data on oceanography, zooplankton, micronekton, and other organisms. Seawater samples are collected for environmental DNA analysis. Results will be reported in a NPAFC document.


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