Atlantic Salmon Journal International Year of the Salmon Special Issue


During 2019, the Atlantic Salmon Journal, the magazine of the Atlantic Salmon Federation is planning coverage of the Year of the Salmon with a special emphasis on the Summer (June 1) issue which will be dedicated to the theme of Salmon in a Changing Environment.

Our Special IYS summer issue includes:

• A copy of the new Map of Atlantic Salmon Rivers of North America
• Science writer Ben Goldfarb looks into the effects of climate change on Atlantic salmon.
• To celebrate the International Year of the Salmon the Miramichi Valley High School Fly-fishing Club and Washington Academy in Maine host international students from the Atlantic Salmon Conservation
Schools Network. The Journal will cover the students as they tour (and fish) the Miramichi, the ASF Salmon Centre and restoration activities on the East Machias River.
• The mystery of Newfoundland’s Pink salmon.
• Memories of Matamek, looking back at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution’s research base on the Quebec North Shore.


Salmon in a changing salmosphere



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