Garbh Uisge Bank Protection


The Garbh Uisge is an active river which river processes can function normally in most places. There are a few locations on the river however that if natural river processes continue then it will have an impact on the wider amenity and habitat zones such as the adjacent wet meadow.

It is proposed that the project will install 49 metres of brash bank protection along the area of erosion. The brash bank protection will be made up of live willow to create a living structure but also forestry brash to create a buffer in front of the bank to act as a cushion. The benefits of using green bank protection means that it will create habitat for a range of wildlife such as fish, lamprey, insects and birds whilst slowing down the erosion and its impacts.

This activity will take place in 2019 and there will be opportunities to get involved. If you would like to get involved please get in touch.


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